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The Palani Andavar Mills Private Limited One of the leading manufacturer’s of Yarn, was established in the year 1933. The Palani andavar Mills Private Limited is a leading player in the Textile Industry with a Capacity of 34,736 Spindles.

The Company is managed SMT. GIRIJA PARTHASARATHY, Managing Director subject to superintendence, control and direction of the Board of Directors of the Company. The Directors of the Company have rich and vast experience in the Textile filed and are contributing their valuable services and time to the efficient running of the Enterprise.



we are equipped with the latest Trumac machine, made in collaboration with Trutzler of Germany and Lakshmi Rieter in collaboration with Rieter of Switzerland and LR6 frames.


we are equipped with autoconers from SAVIO-ITALY. We have also invested in sophisticated yarn clearers from USTER and splicers from MESDAN.

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